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Media Projects

I have worked in several projects involving media, usually from an analytical perspective. This has varied from analytical interviews, to news outlet analysis, to managing distributed teams for crowdsourcing.

Here you can see some of my experience in this line of work.

Program Manager for the Online Resource Library of the NPA. Responsible for the strategy, development and launch of the initiative, with the goal of increasing the availability of resources on product thinking for news in English, Spanish and Portuguese.

Researcher/interviewer for the Brazilian part of the Inflection Point report. Responsible for 20 surveys with media leaders in order to understand challenges and characteristics.

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Assessor of Ibero-American fact-checking initiatives, identifying whether they fit the International Fact-Checking Network's Code of Conduct.

Researcher of the Southern Region of the Atlas da Notícia, census of news outlets throughout Brazil. Responsible for partnerships with universities and contact with volunteers in the three southern states. Management of distributed teams for crowdsourcing. Review and analysis of submissions. Case studies and interviews.

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